Change management 
Ensure a smooth and successful deployment across your organization by managing your users' transition to Google Apps.  Learn more about change management and follow one of our step-by-step transition plans.

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Enterprise organization (250+ users)

See our Going Google guide for change management concepts, steps, and best practices for a larger Google Apps deployment. Check out case studies and quotes from customers who have "gone Google." Get checklists, templates, and sample communications to users.

Smaller organization

Get your users quickly up-to-speed with Google Apps by following this streamlined, 3-step change management plan.

Going Google guide (PDF)
Recommended for organizations with 250+ users
Excite your users by communicating the benefits of Google Apps.

Help your users be more efficient and collaborative with Google Apps by providing live and self-help training.

Lower costs by avoiding disruptions to your business operations during the transition.

Stay on track by managing your project timelines more effectively.